Kids STEM News Network

KSNN Description: Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, and Mathematicians share a common and necessary professional activity that affects the performance of their jobs - Communications.  No matter what specific activity in which STEM professionals are engaged, they need to communicate effectively with their peers as well as those outside their organizations.  Students who seek to join their ranks must understand the importance of speaking and writing effectively and work to practice and improve their communication skills especially in our digital age.

KSNN Goal: IVA is committed to providing opportunities for students to use their skills to communicate the STEM learning they have acquired.  To meet this goal, we invite student communicators to present their knowledge and understanding  through recorded news breaks that will be featured here on the IVA website.

KSNN Rationale: Video recording devices are readily available and tools to edit and transfer recordings are easily acquired.  We will guide student communicators through the process of creating KSNN news breaks.  Guidelines and training opportunities are described in the document below.  IVA staff will communicate with parents, teachers, and club supervisors to coordinate training sessions and communications with students.


Examples of recent work

What is a Virus? How does a virus attack a cell? What's the difference between bacteria and viruses? What's a Computer Virus?